PowerOak Energy Anywhere, Anytime

Energy storage systems provide you with energy where and when you need it the most. At PowerOak, our highly trained staff has developed a number of great products. This can be experienced immediately upon using any of our products. We provide a standard two-year warranty on all of our carvings as well as a five year warranty on energy storage systems. Our units are utilized worldwide and we constantly achieve positive reviews.

Their products help to preserve the planet. Each of the units can be recharged through solar or wind power. The various energy storage systems (ESS) come in various sizes to ensure that you have everything that you need.

Our products include:

PowerOak K2



When you are in a location where no power supply exists, we offer off grid ESS systems with an array of unique properties. This allows you to set up wherever you desire.

solar power banks

Solar Powerbanks

The PowerOak solar power Banks ensure that you never run out of energy. It is completely portable, and the powerful batteries ensure you have the energy when and where you needed the most.



Maritiem systems are provided as well and this is a development we are patented for. The energy storage uses lithium-ion batteries and charger/converters that are user-friendly and highly efficient.


Mobile Professional

At PowerOak, we offer a greener alternative to fossil fuel generators. The batteries you need are simply recharged using solar and wind energy.