PowerOak K2 Solar 50000mAh 5V/12V/20V Powerbank


219,00 189,00 incl. BTW

Capacity 185Wh / 50.000mAh
Weight 1300gram
Charge Solar Panels / AC (grid)
Charging time 6-8 hours
Output USB 2X 5V 2.1A / 2X 5V 1.0A
Output DC 12V 2.5A / 20V 3.0A
Ideal for Laptop, smartphone, tablet


PowerOak K2 Solar is the most powerful power bank available at the moment, with a capacity of 185 Wh / 50.000 mAh. PowerOak K2 Solar is a portable, light-weighted power bank developed primarily to charge laptops. Furthermore, with PowerOak K2 Solar you can also charge your camera, tablet, notebooks, smartphone, and other digital electronic products.

PowerOak K2 Solar enables you to charge up to FOUR devices simultaneously. It supports simultaneous charging and discharging. It has one 20V/3A, one 12V/2.5A, two 5V/2.1A and two 5V/1A outputs. It can also be charged with power from the grid with the included AC adapter. PowerOak K2 Solar can also be charged with a Solar panel with a maximum of 76W. You can buy our solar panels available in the web shop or you can use your own, as long as the input voltage has a range between 16V and 40V and a maximum total power of 76W.

PowerOak K2 Solar is a real life safer, you never have your laptop, smartphone, or tablet run out of battery when you take along our long-lasting 185 Wh / 50.000mAh PowerOak K2 Solar.


Energy anytime, anywhere

PowerOak K2 Solar is your best buddy when going on a business trip, vacation, a road trip or camping! You can power up your Laptop, Notebook, Tablet, Smartphone, without power from the Grid. The huge battery of 185Wh can charge your smartphone up to 30 times. You can even power up to FOUR devices simultaneously, charging for example your Notebook and smartphone at the same time.

What can you do with all that power?

See the picture below for some examples of the amount of charges with a fully charged PowerOak K2 Solar.


PowerOak K2 Solar Powerbank

Model No. K2-50AH
Battery Capacity 185Wh / 50.000mAh
Battery Type Lithium polymer battery
Battery Voltage 12~16,8V
Charge time AC 6-8 hours
  Solar 6 hour
Input voltage 19V 2,0A
4 X USB 2 X 5V 2,1A; 2 X 5V 1A
2 X DC 6mm 12V 2,5A; 20V 3A
Ideale environment Huminidy 10%-90%
  Use temperature -10~60°C
  Charge temperature 0~45°C
Dimensions 206,9 x 136 x 33mm
Color Black
Weight 1300gram

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PowerOak K2 Solar Manual


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