10.999,00 incl. BTW

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With the Energy Storage Systems (ESS) of Poweroak, you will always have energy, anywhere, anytime. Our systems are plug and play, what is unique for a ESS system of this size. With the easy configuration of the system you will always have energy when you want.

Capacity: 12kWh

Specifications ESS


Energy storage systems make it possible for you to use them in a variety of off grid applications. When there is no power supply available, you can count on ESS systems. They are available in 3.2, 4, 6.5, 8, and 12 kWh battery capacities. The various sets are fully configured when equipped with a solar charger, AC charger, AC inverter, as well as an interface with color display and lithium-ion battery. The only thing you need to do is roll out the system and connect appliances to the system. You also have the ability to connect solar panels in order to provide you with even more energy.

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