PowerOak has been revered as a modern engineering marvel. This is because there are no loose parts, no expensive installations, and no dangerous electrical wires in plain view. The ESS storage has all components included, is mobile, and offers plug-and-play. The only thing that needs to be done is to plug in a wind generator or solar panel, and it is ready to go.

Once the PowerOak has been charged, it can be disconnected from all plugs and taken anywhere that electricity is desired, including on a boat or in another Marine context. It is user-friendly and BMS technology allows products to communicate with each other.

The various benefits of using PowerOak in the maritime industry includes:

  • The all-in-one system being cheaper than purchasing individual components
  • Easy to use as a result of plug-and-play
  • Five year warranty
  • Customer service staff
  • Replacement within 48 hours if there is a malfunction
  • Maintenance contract to extend warranty another five years

If you’re still not convinced that PowerOak is right for you, please contact us to learn more.