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PowerOak mobile generators are introducing lithium cell generators. The generators that are powered by fossil fuels are outdated. PowerOak delivers generators that use state-of-the-art lithium batteries, which are also recharged by solar or wind power. Our generators have an inexhaustible source of energy, always and everywhere. They are quiet, durable, easy to use, and maintenance friendly. They are on hand in order to provide energy when and where it is needed.

Innovation is something we like to emphasize because it produces more benefits. Conventional generators are simply dangerous in today’s environment. They emit CO2, which damages the atmosphere. The comobielmbustion engine also result in high maintenance costs. Further, the life of an internal combustion engine is limited.

Exploring the disadvantages to conventional generators help to emphasize the benefits to PowerOak mobile generators. The technology is user-friendly, friendly to the environment, and has an unlimited lifetime associated with it.

Although purchase price is initially higher than a conventional generator, it ends up being more affordable in the long run as a result of the use of lithium batteries as opposed to fossil fuels. There are also discounts available from KIA and EIA, reducing the net price dramatically.

The MS Series from PowerOak are the mobile generators, and have a capacity ranging from 8 kWh to 1600 kWh. They are built on trailers and have endless applications, ranging from providing power supply to construction sites to inaccessible areas for military missions or dealing with natural disasters.


Prices calculated (The Netherlands)

PowerOak MS80Conventionele generator 5Kw
Aanschafprijs:€ 7.950,- inc BTWAanschafprijs:€ 3.950,- inc
Prijs ex-BTW:€ 6.570,- ex BTWPrijs ex-BTW:€ 3.264,- ex
KIA:€ 1.840,-KIA:€ 914,-
EIA:€ 2.727,-EIA:geen
Nettoprijs*:€ 2.003,-Nettoprijs*:€ 2.349,-

MS Serie MS serie zijn mobiele generatoren met een vermogen variërend van 8kWh tot 1.600kWh. Ze worden gebouwd op trailers/aanhangwagens. Toepassingen zijn eindeloos, van stroomvoorziening bij bouwlocaties tot aan stroomvoorziening in afgelegen en onbereikbare   gebieden zoals bij natuurrampen of legermissies.

ModelAccuMax. vermogenOpladenZonnepanelen
MS808kWh3.500WS / W / Z1.200W
MS18018kWh7.000WS / W / Z1.200W
MS30030kWh7.000WS / W / Z2.400W
MS45045kWh10.000WS / W / Z3.000W
MS60060kWh20.000WS / W / Z3.000W

S=Stroomnet / W=Wind / Z=Zon