Energie altijd en overal

Met de Energy Storage System (ESS) systemen van PowerOak heeft u energie, altijd en overal. Wat de systemen van PowerOak uniek maakt is dat ze compleet voorgeconfigureerd zijn en voorzien zijn van alle componenten die u in staat stelt op een makkelijke en eenvoudige manier altijd een energievoorraad bij u te hebben.

How does ESS from PowerOak works?



Energy storage systems make it possible for you to use them in a variety of off grid applications. When there is no power supply available, you can count on ESS systems. They are available in 3.2, 4, 6.5, 8, and 12 kWh battery capacities.

The various sets are fully configured when equipped with a solar charger, AC charger, AC inverter, as well as an interface with color display and lithium-ion battery. The only thing you need to do is roll out the system and connect appliances to the system. You also have the ability to connect solar panels in order to provide you with even more energy.

System Backup / UPS

You have the ability to expand your PV system (photovoltaic) so you have the ability to provide your home with the necessary energy in the event you ever become disconnected from grid power. ESS will switch systems during power outages automatically to what is known as Island mode. This guarantees that you have a power supply no matter what. Existing and new installations can be upgraded to these types of sets.


Increase Consumption

You have the ability to increase energy consumption without increasing the overall operating costs. During the day, the battery recharges via solar energy. In the evening hours, energy is used within the ESS. If this ever becomes insufficient, you can always change the settings. You can determine whether your energy comes from the grid or through an ESS.

It’s always a good idea to know how you can increase consumption generated by solar energy so that you have the means to live off grid if this is something you want to do.

Return Power to Grid

It is of course also possible to return power back to the grid. When your PowerOak ESS is fully chaged it will return energy to the grid.

Why PowerOak ESS?

PowerOak ESS provide you with a durable solution that allows you to store your own energy and is CO2 neutral. You can become energy independent, and choose from multiple models. You can also take advantage of:

–              Full plug-and-play

–              Completely portable and mobile

–              Five year warranty

–              Suitable for increasing private consumption

–              Can be used on/off grid

The ESS can be used as a backup and with or without a PV plant.