PowerOak K2 Solar Powerbank

The PowerOak K2 Solar is a multi-use All-in-one powerbank. It can charge up to 4 devices simultaneously. It has one 20V/3A, one 12V/2.5A, two 5V/2.1A and two 5V/1A outputs. And it can be charged with an AC adapter. The PowerOak K2 Solar is a real life safer, you never have your laptop, cell phone, tablet run out of battery when you take along our long-lasting 50000mAh (185Wh) K2. The K2 has in contrast to its hugh battery capacity a weight of only 1300 gram. No need to find electrical outlet when you’re on business travel, going camping, etc.  anymore with the PowerOak K2.

Energy anytime, anywhere

From now you can charge your notebook with our super powerfull K2 Power Bank. Your best buddy when going on a work trip, vacation, a roadtrip or at school! You can power up your Laptop, Notebook, Tablet, Smartphone, without power from the Grid. The hugh battery of 185Wh can charge your phone up to 30 times. You can even power even up to four devices simuntaniously, so your NoteBook and smartphone need to be recharged at the same time? No problem for our PowerOak K2 at all!

The K2 Solar Power Bank can be charge with power from the grid with the included AC adapter or with 76 Watt Solar Panel.


PowerOak K2 product video

K2 Solar Power Bank

The PowerOak K2 Solar can be charged with a AC adapter like you are used to with most devices. But the PowerOak K2 Solar, the K2 is also be capable of being charged by a Solar panel with a maximum of 76W. You can buy our predefined solar panels or you can use your own as long as the input voltage has a range between 16V and 40V and a maximum total power of 76W.

The most Powerfull Power Bank now available

What can you do with all that power? Charge up your devices up to the amount of charges indicated in the picture below.


PowerOak K2 Solar Power Bank

Model No.K2-50AH
Battery Capacity185Wh
Battery TypeLithium ion battery
Battery Voltage12~16,8V
Charge timeACDC1: 16,8V 2,5A6-8 hours
 Solar76W6 hours
Input voltage16V-40V
4 X USB2 X 5V 2,1A; 2 X 5V 1A
2 X DC 6mm12V 2,5A; 20V 3A
EnvironmentHuminidy 10%-90%
 Use temperature -10~60°C
 Charge temperature 0~45°C
Dimensions206,9 x 136 x 33mm

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