Save the Planet

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PowerOak is a supporter of energy storage systems, and we are also supportive of a free CO2 climate. The world is changing faster than we have ever thought possible. This means that we must fundamentally change our way of life. To ensure that our children can have the same roof as we do, changes must be made. This can only happen if we, the inhabitants of Earth, make the commitment to go out and reduce CO2 emissions on a daily basis. By using green in renewable energy, we are able to achieve this goal – and there are other ways that can lead to a better climate as well.

This is a great example – if all who live in Europe decided to not eat meat for a single day, the CO2 reduction would be equal to approximately 19.2 million cars not driving for a full year.

A better environment starts with people becoming more aware. Spread the word and live accordingly!

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